About JLFA

I opened my first shop in New Brighton on the Wirral in the mid eighties dealing in general antiques, mostly brown furniture. My customers were mainly trade buyers who were either shipping overseas or selling to dealers further up the pecking order than myself. Despite my love of antique furniture, I was always willing to deal across the board. It was around this time I took an interest in art. As my shop was situated in New Brighton, which wasn't exactly an art dealing hub, I used to buy artworks locally and once every few months take a car load to one of the major salerooms to have them sold under the hammer. Margins were tight but every now and again I would do okay. As I couldn't be out buying and at the same time in the shop selling, I closed my shop and started using antique centres to display my stock. Between 1989 and 2000 I actually took up paid employment working shift work which enabled me to carry on dealing. That's another story for another day.

Since 2000 I have dealt art in various ways; fairs and antique centres don't seem to work for me, both of which I have tried and rejected as too many people wanting a slice of the action. In recent years I have been sold on the advantages of selling purely online. So, as long as I can keep body and soul together, I shall continue to offer my paintings with free delivery and a no quibble two week money back guarantee to UK customers, online. For full delivery information please visit the 'Delivery/Payment' page.

Thank you for using the website. I hope you spot something you like.

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James Lynchehaun

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