Bristol-Myers/ConvaTec and Myself

Though I have been dealing art since the nineteen eighties, I spent between 1989 and 2000 working for ConvaTec on Deeside, at the time a division of Bristol-Myers Squibb. My years there were not the happiest of my life; I found it necessary to complain about, amongst other things, Health and Safety. I was concerned I was being instructed to carry out an operation that I felt would have long term health implications. Fast forward to 2023, I now have a plethora of lung complaints which have led me to the conclusion I should now retire due to ill health. As well as raising the issue when I worked there, I subsequently brought the matter up on various websites which would not have gone unnoticed by ConvaTec and Bristol-Myers Squibb; I was silenced in the first instance by threats of legal action by ConvaTec and  later ignored when that failed. A sophisticated and wide ranging cover up followed, which has had an adverse effect on my mental well-being.

I published the following account on the Cafepharma website in 2012, where it has remained since:

Activity Log:

  • 8/6/23. One of a number of times I wrote to BMS pension plan administrators asking for an enhanced pension due to my lung condition. Medical report submitted with a covering document by email. I was advised in a later email that my emails had been sent to BMS.
  • 18/7/23. I emailed administrators again, requesting paperwork for applying for an enhanced pension. I received no forms.
  • 19/7/23. I sent Bristol-Myers Squibb a Freedom of Information request to an email address I was given by BMS at Chester as I was unable to find an email address for the data manager using an Internet search. I am awaiting a response. I received an automated acknowledgement of email.
  • 26/7/23. I emailed Convatec to ask for an email address to where I could send a Freedom of Information Request. To date I have received no reply.
  • 4/8/23. I re-submitted a Freedom of Information Request to Bristol-Myers Squibb requesting additional information, including copies of SOPs for dealing with FoIR requests and pension adjustments. I received an automated acknowledgement of email.
  • 7/8/23. As I have received no reply from ConvaTec to my 26/7/23 email requesting an appropriate email address to which to send a FoIR, I emailed again. I put in a Subject Access Request and Freedom of Information Request to their investor relation's office.
  • 8/8/23. I now have the correct email address for ConvaTec's data officer, I have emailed a SAR and FoIR to the email address I obtained on the Internet.
  • 18/8/23. Reply from ConvaTec data officer, with a promise to chase up my request.
  • 22/8/23. Bristol-Myers Squibb responded, saying they held no data on me and promising to respond further through their pension people.