Alexander Jamieson (1873-1937), a village on the Seine

Alexander Jamieson (1873-1937), a village on the Seine

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H: 31cm (12.2")W: 39cm (15.4")

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Alexander Jamieson (1873-1937) 

Glasgow born, he learned his trade in the Haldane Academy, which later became part of the Glasgow School of Art. Jamieson developed a wonderful appreciation of France and the French lifestyle which lasted a life time, after winning a scholarship to train in Paris, in 1898. Having met some of the greats of the impressionist movement whilst in France, his output was heavily influenced by their work.

Signed, inscribed and dated 1912 verso, oil on board laid to panel. The addition of a further back panel obscures the signature and inscription but a photo supports same. Painting in good condition, presented in a later frame.