Edgar Freyberg, oil on canvas, Breaking Surf

Edgar Freyberg, oil on canvas, Breaking Surf

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H: 49.5cm (19.5")W: 100cm (39.4")

£745.00 £995.00 Approx $935.93, €867.29

Edgar Freyberg (German 1927-2017)

The artist was born at Charlottenburgh, Germany, on August the 12th 1927. He studied at the Munich School of Painters, where he came under the influence of such artist as Heinz Konig and professor Dechauer. 

Freyberg travelled Europe and took further training at the following academies: Paris; Munich and Dusseldorf. He toured to many of Europe’s beauty spots to find inspiration for his paintings. He has exhibited at many venues in Germany and is widely collected in Europe and the USA. 

This painting comes with the original invoice and artist's biography from Gladwell & company. The invoice is dated 1989. The painting is in good condition with a small indentation in the top right of the canvas. It is a good sized painting that would grace any room. Signed Edgar Freyberg lower right.