George Shaw, a fine Thames barge

George Shaw, a fine Thames barge

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H: 29cm (11.4")W: 39.5cm (15.6")

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George Shaw (1929-1989)


Shaw was born in Glasgow in 1929 to a family with long connections to the sea. His grandfather was the owner/master of three-masted barque which traded on the China run, sailing from Greenock. Shaw’s uncle was chief engineer on the Cunard liner Compania. You might say, the sea was in his blood.

He trained at Wimbledon School of Art for 4 years from 1947. Though he had skills in several disciplines his main love was maritime art; this skill gave him a career until his death in 1989.

Beautiful painting in original condition, which comes with original 1979 receipt from Gladwell & company, London. Signed lower left with stock number 14107 verso.