James Humbert Craig, a Co. Tyrone bog

James Humbert Craig, a Co. Tyrone bog

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H: 18cm (7.1")W: 34cm (13.4")

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James Humbert Craig RHA RUA (1877-1944)

James Humbert Craig was a self taught landscape painter born in Belfast; he was elected to the Royal Ulster Academy and the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1928. He also exhibited at the Fine Arts Society in London and was an academician of the Ulster Academy of Arts. James Humbert Craig worked right up to his death in 1944.

A delightful oil on board painted by this highly-collected Northern Ireland artist. This really is a little treasure.

Condition: a light indention measuring 4cm long is present in the top left of the painting, it looks like a mark that was present on the board prior to painting. More noticeable in the photograph than in the flesh.