Margaret Murray-Cookesley, Orientalist,1844-1927, the spilled flowers

Margaret Murray-Cookesley, Orientalist,1844-1927, the spilled flowers

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H: 37.5cm (14.8")W: 59.5cm (23.4")

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Margaret Murray Cookesley or Murray-Cookesley (1844-1927), born Margaret Deborah Cookesley, took the name Murray upon marriage, and was an English painter. She traveled to the Middle East and painted oriental scenes in oils and water colours. She exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Society of Women Artists.

This wonderful Orientalist painting is offered for sale on a trade basis. The painting has been re-set on the top stretcher to allow it to be correctly sized in a glazed frame. The picture has been removed from the glazed frame and remounted in a high quality Watts style frame which compliments the painting. There is a pin prick of loose paint and the top edge of the paiting is very slightly discoloured due to the re-fitting of the canvas on the stretcher. Please refer to the images. Make no mistake this is a high quality art work which would look fantastic in any setting.