Montague Dawson, passing the Needles, 7 December 1940

Montague Dawson, passing the Needles, 7 December 1940

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H: 22.5cm (8.9")W: 36cm (14.2")

£2,900.00 £3,900.00 Approx $3643.22, €3376.02

Montague Dawson (1890-1973)

This painting by Montague Dawson was painted during a stint at the ’Sphere’ where he painted illustrations, mostly in monochrome, of events in the war. Montague Dawson never attended art school even though he had a natural flair for painting.

Just before the First World War, he joined a commercial art studio in London, where he worked on posters and illustration. With the advent of war Dawson joined the Royal Navy as a naval officer. It was while serving in the RN he met Napier Hemy; Hemy had a profound influence on Montague’s work.

Shortly after WW1, Dawson’s art focused mainly on deep water sailing ships, usually in a stiff breeze and high seas. In the 1920s Dawson threw his lot in with Frost and Reed; from then on they handled his output of paintings and prints.

As well as other venues, Dawson exhibited at the RA between 1917 and 1936. He was also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 

Montague Dawson, ‘King of the Clipper Ships’ is one of the most highly respected painters of marine art; his works have a World-wide following and can command many tens of thousands of pounds.

This painting is unsigned but its originality is confirmed by the cutting fixed verso. The painting has a name plate carrying the following information: Passing the Needles 7th Dec 1940, Montague Dawson 1895-1973. Provenance, with N R Omell, London