Walter Dendy Sadler, oil on canvas, temptation of St Kevin

Walter Dendy Sadler, oil on canvas, temptation of St Kevin

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H: 74.5cm (29.3")W: 62cm (24.4")

£2,200.00 £2,950.00 Approx $2763.82, €2561.12

Walter Dendy Sadler (1854 – 1923)

Walter Dendy Sadler was born in Dorking, Surrey, England. At age 16 he decided to become a painter and enrolled for two years at Heatherly's School of Art in London, later studying in Germany under Burfield and Wilhelm Simmler. 

Through his career he exhibited at a number of venues including the Dudley Gallery from 1872 and the Royal Academy from the following year through to the 1890s. He was a member of the RBA, he also exhibited at the RA (Royal Academy). 

This is typical subject matter for Dendy Sadler, depicting St Kevin having been caught out poaching by the young lady is faced with something of a moral dilemma, does he offer her cash or not? Some viewers of the painting may form other views as to the message of the painting.

This is a large painting in its original gilt frame, both painting and frame are in good order, ready to be hung and enjoyed and no doubt discussed at length.

The painting has been tensioned on the stretcher. To strengthen the the canvas were it has been tensioned a number of pieces of fresh canvas have been used. These are the white pieces of canvas that can be seen on the reverse side of the painting. The painting is completely stable and ready to be admired for the next hundred years. 

Circa: 1890