Sir Tony Blair

When working in Industry (1989-2000) I had the following experience, see .pdf below. It can be downloaded full size (double click).

The Halifax Bank, Wallasey, has played an active part in this operation until fairly recently (2022), though they deny their involvement. 

The .pdfs have been sent to 50 random MPs as well as the following individuals:Home Secretary, Suella Braverman; leader of the opposition, Sir Kier Starmer; my MP, Angela Eagle; Laura Kuensberg and News Watch at the BBC, as well as the Tony Blair Institute. The only response I have had is from the Home Office, who suggested I should contact the police. As the police come under the control of the Home Office, I see little point in doing that. 

I sent the following email to Tony Blair's institute:

Good day,

I intend to publicise my story by presenting it to various news outlets both in the UK and America (see attached .pdf). The object of doing this is to establish Tony Blair’s involvement in my case and the case of Doctor David Kelly. At a very basic level, it seems to me that I am being unfair by not giving Tony Blair the opportunity to reply to my claims. I am therefore inviting comment from him. I do not want compensation, I just want to highlight what went on.

Kind Regards,

Jim Lynchehaun

.pdfs below.