Samuel John Milton Brown, watercolour, a clipper at sea

Samuel John Milton Brown, watercolour, a clipper at sea

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H: 47cm (18.5")W: 56cm (22")

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Samuel John Milton Brown (1873-1965)

Samuel John Milton Brown was born in Liverpool on April 13th, 1873. Aged fourteen, he was apprenticed to a firm of lithographic artists. Young Sam when not at his desk spent much of his early life exploring Liverpool docks, studying the rigging of the ships that filled the port. These were informative years that gave him the knowledge to be able to put what he saw onto paper. Brown was not entirely self-taught; he studied at the Liverpool School of Art under John Finnie, a well-known engraver and landscape artist.

Sam Brown worked mostly with watercolour though there are oil paintings by him to be found. His pencil sketches are also very collectable, being of very high-quality.

Brown spent his latter years living in reduced circumstances in Caerwys, North Wales. With failing eyesight he died in 1965.

This watercolour is unfaded, has no foxing and is larger than the average Sam Brown watercolours on offer. For someone who's thinking of starting a collection of watercolours, I can only say no collection would be complete without at least one watercolour by this ever popular artist.

Signed Sam J M Brown lower left.

Circa: 1950